I love my new blog and website. But like I’ve said before, a house is not a home until it has a history. And apparently my blog doesn’t feel like home until it has a history, too. The new design is so light and bright and airy… I feel like I have to tell you a few secrets just to

Welcome to my new blog! I’m so excited that you’ve found me here. If you’re new to my blog or an old friend, I hope that you discover lots of opportunities to connect and interact. You may notice that I’ve streamlined many things and created a sort of mission statement for my purposes here. It’s been my ongoing goal to

No, this isn’t a blog for girls who happen to love the color white. Nor is it a place primarily for women. To me, the heart of my blog centers around an unyielding optimism, the belief that though life is messy I refuse to stop wearing white. Even if those pristine sleeves are snot-stained from my kids or the darkened