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Quinn & Walker

We’re only a few days away from the release of Little Broken Things and I’ve saved my favorite Pinterest board for last. Quinn and Walker are at the center of the book, and their love story is one that completely captured my heart. They have only been married for a few years, and their relationship is going through a bit of a rough patch–for reasons that I hope you’ll soon learn! I loved writing about them… and their passion and commitment to one another amidst some difficult odds.

Take a few minutes to be swept away by Quinn and Walker! I hope you love them as much as I do!

xoxo – Nicole

Little Broken Things Book Club Theme Party

Hey, friends!

We’re just ONE WEEK from the launch of Little Broken Things! I’m in the mood to party. 😉

One of the main characters in Little Broken Things is not-quite sixty-year-old Liz. She’s the matriarch of the Sanford family and a very conflicted character. Liz believes that she’s done her very best… But wonders if maybe that’s simply not good enough. Liz is a card-carrying member of the Betty Crocker club, a gardener, decorator, artist, and a bit of a busybody. But if there’s one thing she excels at, it’s throwing a fabulous party.

I’ve put together a Pinterest board that Liz would be proud of. Grab some friends, order Little Broken Things, and then plan a themed book club evening! Books, wine, friends… What could be better?! I hope you find some inspiration on Liz Sanford’s Party Pinterest board. And if you DO have a book club party for Little Broken Things, snap some photos and tag me! I’d love to send you some swag.

xoxo – Nicole

Julie Cantrell

Julie Cantrell is such a kindred spirit! I first heard of her years ago when her debut novel, Into the Free, made a giant splash in the literary scene. Her tender, passionate books are filled with heart and redemption–and they’re absolutely unputdownable. Julie and I are Tall Poppy sisters, and I’m so grateful that this woman I’ve admired for so long is now a part of my circle. We haven’t met in person yet, but I’m already looking forward to the day that we do!

Julie’s kind words about Little Broken Things mean so much to me–encouragement from people you admire is priceless. My heart overflows! Thank you so much, Julie! And friends, run, don’t walk, to your nearest Indie bookstore and snag your copy of Julie’s new release, Perennials. Or B&N or order it online or do whatever you need to do to get your hot little hands on it. Perennials releases TOMORROW! It’s on my e-reader right now and I’m savoring every word.

xoxo – Nicole

Kimberly Stuart

I met Kimberly Stuart in Des Moines at a book event several years ago–and it was friendship at first sight. At least, for me. 😉 Kimberly is kind and selfless and so very funny. And her books are filled with so much heart. I read her newest, Sugar, on vacation this summer and savored every page. It’s romantic and funny, with characters I fell in love with. I honestly can’t recommend it highly enough! Quick! Go order Sugar for yourself and another for a friend. You won’t be disappointed!

It meant the world to me that Kimberly was willing to read an early copy of Little Broken Things. So thankful for authors who lift each other up!

xoxo – Nicole



Key Lake, Minnesota

Friends! We’re TWO WEEKS from the publication of Little Broken Things! I’m so very excited! And nervous and happy and a little scared and, well, probably every emotion you can imagine. There’s lots to do and lots to share, and I’m sure I’ll forget important things along the way. But Pinterest. I can’t forget Pinterest. 😉

One of the things that I do to get my heart and mind in book-writing mode is create several Pinterest boards. They are a way for me to enter my setting, get a feel for my characters, and really “get into” my books. Usually I keep these boards private, but over the next couple of weeks I’m going to invite you in!

Today, I want to welcome you to Key Lake, Minnesota, the setting for Little Broken Things. Key Lake doesn’t exist, not really, but in my imagination it’s a cross between Lake Shetek in southern Minnesota and New Ulm. Think charming lakeside small town… Read Little Broken Things and you’ll be transported to late summer in the Midwest: plenty of sunshine, the scent of sunscreen, and some dark secrets hidden just below the surface. Here’s the link, friends! I hope you take a peek! And I hope you enjoy your first taste of Key Lake.

xoxo – Nicole