Key Lake, Minnesota

Friends! We’re TWO WEEKS from the publication of Little Broken Things! I’m so very excited! And nervous and happy and a little scared and, well, probably every emotion you can imagine. There’s lots to do and lots to share, and I’m sure I’ll forget important things along the way. But Pinterest. I can’t forget Pinterest. 😉

One of the things that I do to get my heart and mind in book-writing mode is create several Pinterest boards. They are a way for me to enter my setting, get a feel for my characters, and really “get into” my books. Usually I keep these boards private, but over the next couple of weeks I’m going to invite you in!

Today, I want to welcome you to Key Lake, Minnesota, the setting for Little Broken Things. Key Lake doesn’t exist, not really, but in my imagination it’s a cross between Lake Shetek in southern Minnesota and New Ulm. Think charming lakeside small town… Read Little Broken Things and you’ll be transported to late summer in the Midwest: plenty of sunshine, the scent of sunscreen, and some dark secrets hidden just below the surface. Here’s the link, friends! I hope you take a peek! And I hope you enjoy your first taste of Key Lake.

xoxo – Nicole


  • Nicole,
    This book is amazing. I had so many intentions of cleaning and running errands; but I can not put the book down! Brilliant…. how does it end?

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